The only shoe with Aersoothe technology

The Kemfert Difference

How Aersoothe Technology Works

Aersoothe’s air cooling technology harnesses the bending and straightening motion of walking to circulate more air per step.

As the shoe bends cool air is sucked through an outlet in the back of the sole, through a system of valves and into the pumping chamber.

As the shoe straightens, cool air is driven out through a valve and into the shoe – driving out both heat and humidity.

The Increasingly Smart Choice for Smart People

The Demand For
Air-Cooled Footwear

North America

69% of people were interested or extremely interested in breathable air cooled footwear


A survey found 87.5% of respondents interested in breathable footwear with 70.8% saying they suffered from sweaty feet

Walking Trials

Over 81% were able to feel the difference after only a few minutes of walking

Enjoy the benefits of greater air circulation & Humidity Reduction

  • Feels less stuffy
  • Reduction in athlete’s foot
  • Reduces the risk of gangrene (important for diabetics)
  • Reduces foot odour

Reduces the Risk & Severity of:

  • Dehydration
  • Heat cramps
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Blisters
  • Slippage

Socks Or No Socks

The Kemfert Difference

With Aersoothe’s amazing moisture reduction, you may choose to wear Kemferts without socks to truly experience a bare-skin experience – giving you greater choice and comfort no matter your preference.