We have tested our shoes under wet conditions and found that with regular use, they are comparable to most other footwear. Since air is only sucked into the shoe when the heel is lifted, water does not easily get into the pumping system.

In fact, certain versions of the Aersoothe air circulation technology are completely compatible with waterproof footwear. And the Aersoothe technology actually helps to reduce humidity by helping to remove any excess moisture.

The pump is made of a puncture-resistant material, similar but thicker than most bicycle inner tubes and safety gloves. In our tests, we have found them to be comparable in durability to other shoes during regular walking tests.

Most people find our footwear comfortable at temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius.

If you are walking for a considerable amount of time in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, you may want to consider warmer footwear. However, if your shoes get wet from snow, Aersoothe’s air circulation technology will help dry your shoes faster and prevent loss of heat.