Yes… to many people’s surprise, the idea of using air pumps for air circulation is not new. In fact, since the 1890s – when buffalo still roamed the Wild West – many people have been trying (and failing) to produce effective air cooled footwear (over 500 patents)!!!

Most of these inventions failed because they relied on a person’s weight to compress a pump.

This “weight-based” approach is incompatible with regular walking comfort and stability because the same parts of the shoe that are meant to support the wearer’s weight, need to deform in order for the pump to be compressed.  The results:  a walking experience that is similar to stepping on an uneven sponge.

With Aersoothe, we have taken a different approach. By harnessing the bending & straightening motion of walking, not only can we preserve the natural walking comfort and stability of footwear, but we can circulate up to 60+ mL of air per step!!!